Similar to protective equipments like pool covers, pool fences and pool alarms, above ground pool shelters have many advantages. Explanations.

Above ground pool shelters : focus on the law

Pool owners must be equipped with one of the four mandatory pool safety devices – pool coverspool fencespool alarms and pool shelters, or they will be fined € 45.000.

Like all safety equipments, above ground pool shelters must be homologated. The standard NF P90-309 ensures that these shelters :
– resist winds of 100km/h and a snow weight of 45 kg/m²
– have a double locking system for removable parts or have a locking system placed at a minimum height of 1.60m inaccessible to children
– have a perfect finish so that nobody gets hurt on the openable parts

Be careful, whatever your equipment, never leave children unattended near a pool. Read INPES safety recommendations for more information.

Choose the right pool shelter

Besides the safety argument, above ground pool shelters offer several advantages :
– they facilitate the pool maintenance (less dirt in the water)
– they greatly increase the temperature of the water (+ 6 to 8 ° C in average summer)
– they are easy to install

Depending on your needs and budgets, several models exist.

Removable shelters, discreet and inexpensive work like safety pool covers. They must be removed before swimming.

Low pool shelters – less than a meter tall – can protect swimmers from the wind and rain during the winter. They only cover the pool and cost less than the higher models.

High pool shelter – from 1.80m to 3m high – like a kind of porch. They cover the pool, but also the edges of the pool. They can transform the pool into a real piece accessible any time of the year.

Removable, low or high, pool shelters may be telescopic to open partially or totally your pool.