New security equipment, the anti-drowning wristband to prevent children from drowning by being alerted right in time. Explanations.

The utility of an anti-drowning wristband

During the summer season in 2015, 1219 people drowned, and 436 died after the accident.
Among these victims, children under 6 years account for 15% of deaths from accidental drowning. To prevent such accidents, adults must be vigilant when monitoring young swimmers who do not swim.

The anti-drowning wristband is a good solution to help monitor our children. It makes possible to be alerted when the child is immersed in water, which is especially useful because :
– Children drown withour making a sound, that is why adults are not aware when the accident occurs.
– During a drowning, the risk of serious health consequences are proportional to the immersion period : intervene in time, from the alert, may save the child drowned from death or serious diseases.

Good habits to prevent drowning

The anti-drowning wristband must be accompanied by a special vigilance near water :
– never leave a child alone near the water and swim with him
– equip the younger ones with armbands or child swimming vest
– designate one adult responsible for supervision around the pool
– talk about swimming pool dangers with your children

Moreover, the law requires owners to equip their pool with at least one of the four mandatory devices approved : pool coverpool barrierpool alarm ou pool shelter. They face a fine of € 45,000 if they do not.