Safety barriers provides a reliable protection to prevent drowning risks. Many owners of private pools choose this system to prevent their children from accessing the pool without supervision.

Secure your pool with a safety barrier

SAFETY + BARRIER + CHILDREN = the right equation to prevent young children from drowning. Indeed, the protective barrier is one of the 4 safety equipment required by the regulation of private pools.

These four mandatory safety equipments are :

The safety barrier to prevent any crossing
The pool cover to prevent any immersion
The pool shelter to prevent access to the pool
The pool alarm to detect any crossing or immersion

In the absence of at least one of these four safety equipments, the owner faces a fine of € 45,000.

Does your child safety barrier meet standards ?

The pool barriers and gates must be conform to the characteristics of the NFP EN 90-306. For this, the child safety barrier must meet various criteria :

– Be impassable for a child under 5 years old
– All the safety barrier elements, including the access gate to the pool must be designed to resist intrusion attempts of a child under 5 years old
– Do not be likely to cause injury when crossing attempt

The manufacturer or installer must give you a technical note concerning the characteristics of your child safety barrier, as well as its procedure of use and maintenance. If you have a doubt about the compliance of your equipment, or for more information about drowning risk prevention, you can consult the website of the French Association for Standardization (Afnor).

Warning: Never leave your child unattended near a pool.