NoStress alerts you in case of water immersion


1. Fit your child out with No Stress

No Stress can be worn as a neckband or as a bracelet. Both attaching systems are provided.


2. You can enjoy peacefully your swimming pool afternoon with your children

With your smartphone next to you and your child equipped and under-supervision. You know, he or she, is well protected against the risk of drowning.


3. Your child goes into the water ?

Immediately, an audible and visual alarm rings out on your smartphone.
You are immediately notified!

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How to equip your child with No Stress?


At the ankle

”Bathing forbidden”

Thanks to the bracelet provided in the box, you can attach NoStress to your child’s ankle.

Alert as soon as your child puts a foot in the water.


At the wrist

"Feet in the water allowed"

Thanks to the bracelet provided in the box, you can attach NoStress to your child’s wrist.

Alert as soon as your child puts the wrist in the water.


Around the neck

"Play in the water allowed up to the shoulders"

Thanks to the neckband provided in the box, you can attach NoStress to your child’s neck.

Alert as soon as your child puts the shoulders in the water.

What if my child detaches No Stress?

Detachment alert

In the event that the No Stress bracelet accidentally detaches, you will be immediately warned by an audible and visual alert triggered on your smartphone.

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What if my child is moving away from the NoStress coverage area?

Distance alert

Thanks to the No Stress bracelet, you can be reassured, you will not lose sight of your child. An alert will be triggered when your child has passed the 40m.

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Too much UV light ?

UV alerte

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to your child’s skin. If there is too much in the swimming area, No Stress will alert you. Reserved for geo-localized smartphones, these data are purely indicative.

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  • Bracelet
    15 cm to 18 cm adjustable.
  • Neckband
    35 cm perimeter (9 months to 7 years old children).
  • Range
    Up to 40 meters with a smartphone*.
  • Hypoallergenic
    Tous les matériaux de NoStress sont non irritants et hypoallergéniques.
  • Waterproof
    Beacons : waterproof for five minutes with less than one meter depth.
  • Battery
    For a Beacon, 1 CR2032 battery.
  • Weight
    Beacon : 40 g.
  • Guarantee
    No Stress provides a contractual warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase, according to its terms of purchase and warranty.
  • Connect up to 6 NoStress
    Several children to watch? Connect up to 6 No Stress on your smartphone.
(*) Indicative distance and variable in case of obstacle, depending on the nature of the terrain, the power of batteries in use and the model of the smartphone.
If you use No Stress with your smartphone ?