Aquaphobia or fear of water is a disease that affects many people. An estimated one in ten French people suffer from aquaphobia, and one in five have a fear of water.

What is aquaphobia ?

Aquaphobia or fear of water, also called hydrophobia by psychiatrists, is one of the most frequently observed phobias. It means a panic fear of water … One form of uncontrollable and irrational anxiety, which occurs on contact with water or even its mere mention for those most severely affected aquaphobes. Specifically, aquaphobia or fear of water can manifest itself in several ways : significant anxiety, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), sweating and even fainting.

Different forms of aquaphobia

Aquaphobia or fear of water includes various kinds of fears that can occur to varying degrees. This can vary to the fear of the element “water” in all its forms (rain, splash, shower, …) to a slight feeling of insecurity at the time to put your head under water or swim where no foothold.

Around the pool, we meet different kinds of water fears :

– The fear of drowning
– The fear of putting your head under the water
– The fear of falling into the water
– Fear of jumping or diving into the water

Aquaphobie : how to overcome his fear of water ?

When severe, treat your aquaphobia or fear of water, within the competence of a psychiatrist or psychologist. In such cases it is necessary to be accompanied by a qualified professional to begin a therapy.

In the case of a simple fear of water, it may be interesting to take part in courses. Many pools offer courses like these. In small groups or alone with the lifeguard, welcome the water, learn to float, put your head under the water, learn to swim and finally never be afraid.