Among domestic accidents, pool drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among young children.
Thus, during the summer 2015, 294 people were affected by this type of accident.

Pool accidents : figures

Each year, over 13% of drownings are caused by a swimming pool accident. In these accidents, 56% happened in private family pools, 23% in private pools for public use and 21% in paid public and private pools.

More than half of these domestic accidents happen in pool owners home. Drowning concern especially children under 6 years, first victims of a swimming pool accident.

Pool accidents : potential after-effects

Just a few minutes to drown : only a very quick response can save the victim and avoid heavy injuries.

The risk of injury increases with time of immersion : after 1 minute under water, a victim has 95% chance to escape unhurt from the accident ; after 6 minutes, chances are reduced to 25% ; after 8 minutes, chances drop to 3%.

Among the risk of injury, lack of oxygen can cause brain swelling, a source of serious neurological sequelae. The inrush of water into the lungs may also generate an alteration of pulmonary alveoli.
Finally, drowning can result to death : thus, in 2015, the swimming pool accident left 74 dead, 17% of the drowned.

Avoid swimming accident

It is up to owners to secure their pool they are bound by law to equip their pool of one of the four mandatory devices : pool coverpool barrierpool alarmpool shelter.

With this law in 2004, the share of pool drownings on the total number of drownings has decreased over the years (from 14.9% in 2003 to 12.84% in 2012).