In private use, the risk of drowning is as important as in public area. Causes of drowning pool and preventive measures to be adopted.

Pool drowning : causes

During the summer, three people drown each day, on average. Of these accidents, there are a large number of drownings in private swimming pools (13%).

Two types of accidents can cause drowning :
– Drowning by water swallowed or inhaled : water enters the lungs and breathing becomes impossible
– Drowning caused by hydrocution : the victim loses consciousness due to the thermal shock

In both cases, a few minutes are enough to drown.

Three main causes for these pool drownings:
– Accidents involving children who do not swim
– Syncope frail, elderly or sick
– Alcohol-related ailments

Prevention : reflexes to prevent drowning

Pool owners must be equipped to prevent pool drowning (INPES report), including children. The law thus requires them to install at least one of the four mandatory devices :
– pool cover
– pool barrier
– pool alarm
– pool shelter

Some simple reflexes also help prevent accidents:
– Swim with the kids in the pool
– Supervise closely when they are near a pool
– Provide a pole, a buoy and a phone in case of emergency if needed
– Put out of the water all the toys that children might want to catch
– Avoid a ground too slippery around the pool, which could lead to falls
– Do not swim after drinking alcohol or in a state of fatigue
– Re-set the protective equipment after swimming