Several pool protection systems exist on the market. They are designed to prevent drowning, but can also be used to facilitate maintenance of the pool.

Pool protection : why ?

Pool protection matter can refer to two main issues :

– Pool protection to prevent the risk of accidental drowning, particularly among children.
– Pool protection to facilitate maintenance by protecting the pool from bad weather, especially in winter.

The concept of pool protection is therefore linked to security issues but also maintenance.


On the market, several solutions combining both pool protection and security exist. This is particularly the case of the pool safety net and the pool protective cover, but also the pool protective barrier.

In the aim to prevent any drowning risk, these protective devices are part of a list of four mandatory safety equipment, established by the government. The owners of private pools for collective or individual use are required to install at least one of these four systems, and ensure that the solution complies with the standards set by the Afnor (Standards French Association).


While ensuring children’s safety, the pool protection system also protects your pool of bad weather, especially in winter, to ensure optimum quality of water throughout the year. Several devices fulfill this dual function and are available on the market. This is the case of blankets, covers and pool shelters, when they are closed.

Pool protection : complementary solutions

For optimal protection, you can absolutely choose to install two additional devices. For example : a pool alarm (NF P90-307) to prevent drowning and a pool cover (NF P90-308) to protect your pool from the weather.

These different pool protection systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Small review in the following …