The pool protective barrier, also called security fence or pool fence, prevent a child under 5 years old to access alone a swimming pool.

Why install a pool protective barrier ?

The installation of a pool barrier will allow you to raise the level of security around the pool, but it is also a legal obligation.

– To avoid drowning accidents, especially among the younger ones. The role of a pool barrier is to prevent a child under 5 years old to access alone the swimming pool.

– Because the law says you have to. Also called security fence or pool fence, pool barrier protection is one of four compulsory safety devices to prevent the risk of drowning.

As the owner of a private pool if you do not install at least one of these 4 equipments or if the protective system you have chosen is not up to standard, you are liable to a fine of € 45,000.

Pool barrier protection : what does the law say ?

To meet the requirements of the law on security of private pools, your pool barrier must meet the specifications set by the NFP 90-306 standard. Here are the main features :

– The pool protective barrier must be impassable for a child under 5 years old. For this, it must be at least 1.10 m above the highest point of support.

– The security fence and the lock must withstand the actions of a child under 5 years old without causing injury. For example, the bars should not present any sharp or reliefs and the distance between two bars should be 10.2 cm maximum.

You can ensure compliance of your pool barrier by downloading the text of the NF P 90-306 standard on the AFNOR website (French Association for Standardization) at