To ensure the safety of their pool, owners must adopt one of four mandatory safety equipments. Focus on one of these solutions, the protective cover.

Safety and protection around the pool : summary of the law

As a burried swimming pool owner, you must equip your pool with on of the 4 security systems provided for by law : pool coverpool barrierpool alarm and pool shelter.

These devices must be certified NF. If you opt for the pool protective cover, it must meet the NF P90-308 standard.

Besides the risk of accidents, you incur a fine of € 45,000 if you do not install one of these four mandatory pool protective equipments.


The benefits of protective cover pool

In addition to ensure the safety of your family, the pool protective cover allows you to :
– maintain the temperature of water : from 5 to 7 aditionnal degrees compared to an uncovered swimming pool
– improve the water quality by avoiding leaves and insects
– limit evaporation, especially when dew, to save water

bache de protection piscine nostress

Choose your pool cover

Among the solutions to the NF P90-308 standard, several types of pool certified cover exist on the market :

– the bar cover : canvas held by aluminum bars, with manual or motorized opening
– the shutter, above ground or immersed : solid structure that works also in manual or automatic mode

Seasonal solution : winter cover is not suitable. Indeed, a bubble cover is not a security system.

Whatever your equipment, be careful to never leave children unattended near a pool.