Understand and follow the pool rules is essential. This is not only a legal obligation, but also and above all a question of safety.

Be aware of pool regulations

The current regulation pool was decided in 2004. It notably brings together the different rules and standards to secure swimming pools. We are talking about private pools for collective or individual use, such as family pools, pools reserved for residents, hotel pools, campsites, cottages, etc.

Regulation pool as presented below concerns particularly buried and semi-inground pools. The above ground pools and pools in kit form reference more inclusive standards and refer more to a general safety requirement.

Pool regulations : prevent accidents and drowning

Concerning the prevention of accident risks or drowning, pool regulations require that owners of private pools for collective or individual use shall install at least one of four compulsory safety devices provided by law.

The pool regulations allow:

– pool protective barrier
– pool safety cover
– pool shelter
– pool alarm

To ensure compliance with these approved safety devices, the pool regulations included a series of pool NF standards, developed and published by the Afnor (French Association for Standardization).

The pool rules are made so that there is a specifically dedicated to each mandatory safety device standard.

– The standard NF P90-306 for pool barriers
– The standard NF P90-307 for pool alarms
– The standard NF P90-308 for pool covers
– The standard NF P90-309 for pool shelters

Non-compliance of the regulations and standards may expose you to pay a fine of up to € 45,000.