Safety around a pool means madatory equipments to prevent drowning, but also adoption of good behaviors and compliance with basic safety rules.

Pool safety : mandatory equipments

Pool safety is a social issue. Since 2004, French law requires owners of private pools for collective or individual use to install at least one of the 4 pool safety devices standardized in order to avoid accidental drowning, particularly among young children. A list established by decree allows :

– a pool barrier
– a safety cover
– a pool shelter
– a pool safety alarm

Pool safety : good behaviors

Pool safety concerns in priority the young children. Indeed, children under 6 years old represent 15% of the 500 deaths by accidental drowning that occur each year in France. Drowning is the second cause of accidental death for children under 14 years.

Pool safety does not just disappear by installing anti-drowning mandatory equipments. The adoption of good behavior is also one of the keys to preventing any risk :

– Avoid swimming after a heavy and fairly alcoholic meal
– Enter progressively into the water, wetting the nape of your neck to avoid any hydrocution risk
– Equip children who can not swim with a buoy, armbands or a float jersey
– Teach swimming to your children when they are old enough
– Always have near the pool, a pole, a buoy and a phone in order to quickly intervene and raise the alarm in case of drowning
– Do not leave toys or other floating objects in the pool once swimming is over
– Always remember to reset the anti-drowning pool safety device after swimming
– Above all : never leave children unattended near the pool

Professionals, owners, users: everyone should follow basic pool safety rules to minimize risks.