For wintering or the cleanliness of the pool, the pool safety net can ensure safety if it meets the NF P90-308 standard. Our explanations.

Choose a certified pool safety net

To face drowning – each summer 3 people drown every day with averaged 13% in private pool – a regulation was decided in 2003.
Thus, pool owners are required to install one of the four mandatory pool safety devices – pool coverpool barrierpool alarm  or pool shelter. They face a fine of € 45,000 if they do not.

Integrated within the cover category, the pool safety net is one of the mandatory devices, but only if it is NF P90-308 standard approved. We must therefore ensure that it responds well to this standard ; if this is not the case, it can not be used as a safety equipment.

Whatever safety device, never leave children unattended near a pool. Read safety recommendations of the INPES.

The advantages of the pool net

Pool nets consists of fine highly resistant mesh attached with straps placed around the pool. Safety net can :
– protect the pool of leaves and other waste
– be use as winter cover if it is thick enough
– prevent the proliferation of algae is opaque

To maximize its use, it is important to choose a safety net very durable and opaque. This is also what ensures its longevity.

Less expensive than a cover, pool safety net remains a less practical solution : it takes longer to manage all the straps around the pool.