Pool standard is an essential component of the regulation. It helps regulate the installation of safety systems to prevent drowning risks.

Standard pool : a security matter

Since 2004, the regulation of private pools requires owners to install one of the 4 safety devices approved to prevent the risk of drowning.

The appropriate solution must be conform to pool standards, if not a € 45,000 fine will have to be paid.

Each of the four safety equipment required by the law is subject to a specific pool standard. The regulation therefore has four approved standards which are in use since 2004. These standards are available on the website of the Afnor (French Association for Standardization) or consulted directly from the regional offices of the organization.

They include :

– pool barrier or pool fence : NF P90-306
– pool alarm : NF P90-307
– security blanket or pool cover : NF P90-308
– pool shelter : NF P90-309

The installer/dealer has to provide evidence of conformity of the device selected with the appropriate standard pool. It must also give you a technical note explaining the characteristics of the product, its operation procedure and how to maintain them.

Standard pool : what are the pools concerned ?

All the pools are not affected by the regulation of private pools. Safety standards presented below affect essentially private pools (buried or semi-buried) for individual or collective use. This includes the family and residential swimming pools. The ground pools, inflatable or dismantled, are not affected.

Other pool standards

In addition to security standards to prevent the risk of drowning, the regulation provides for other standards (not exhaustive) :

– Filter systems : NF P90-314 standard
– The kit pools : NF P90-302 standard
– The edges of ponds (flooring, beach …)