The story of No Stress

It all started one morning while we were drinking our coffee!

Like every morning, we talked about the news, read our newspaper… As we were reading an article, it suddenly clicked.

It related the death of a 4-year-old child after falling into the family pool, although supervised by his parents. But unfortunately a few moments of inattention had provoked the drama …

As a parent, we projected ourselves … We wondered if this sort of accident could be avoided.

After 10 years of research, we created a device that did not exist: a necklace worn by the child, which immediately alerts the parent when the child immerses himself in the water!

It was the beginning of No Stress.

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“ In 10 years of research, everything has been thought for the safety of your children around the water ”

Nicolas Osanno

Executive director

Our core business : security around swimming pools

No Stress was born from one of our obsessions : the safety of children when immersion and drowning can occur

No Stress is a Nextpool – Sokool team innovation, a leading French player in swimming pool safety equipment such as slat covers, shelters and textile covers. This equipment is compliant with French legislation and is effective. But when a pool is in use, the cover is open, the shelter moved away or the cover rolled. This is where No Stress comes into play to help ensure the safety of your children.

French law has imposed logically that each buried private swimming swimming pool must be equipped with safety equipment to prevent the risk of drowning. When a pool is in use, the cover is open, the shelter moved away or the cover rolled. Risks are the greatest when having fun, being with friends, relaxing or playing games. No Stress is there for your peace !

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Why No Stress ?

This raises questions

No sunbathing, reading, heated discussions, drinks with friends? … The slightest relaxing of vigilance can be dangerous when you have children around a swimming pool. No one is perfect and there are many ways we can be distracted. In such situations, No Stress is your eyes.
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