“Mandatory pool accessories” are all additional equipments around the pool. Their presence around the pool is not imposed by regulations but highly recommended by professionals.

You said « mandatory pool accessories » ?

By definition, pool accessories are not mandatory. But even if private pool regulations do not require them, some of its accessories appear indispensable to prevent children from drowning, facilitate the maintenance or decorate the edge of the pool.

Mandatory safety equipments + Accessories

Pool regulations require the installation of at least one of the following safety features :

– Barrier or pool fence
– Safety cover, pool cover
– Pool shelter
– Pool alarm

The owners of private pools are thus obliged to install one of these devices to prevent the risk of drowning, including children.

accessoire de piscine obligatoire

Pool security : mandatory pool accessories

In addition to mandatory safety equipments, other swimming pool accessories and materials can help prevent drowning.

– Professionals recommend for your children armbands, floats suits, tailored buoys, etc.

Several accessories will also allow you to quickly rescue and raise the alarm in case of drowning.
– Around the basin, always ensure the presence of a pole, buoy and mobile phone.

Pool maintenance : mandatory pool accessories

Pool accessories are also needed for cleaning and maintenance of the pool and its surroundings. Some examples:

– landing net, brush if you choose the manual maintenance
– Robots, automatic vacuum cleaners, pumps if you choose the automated maintenance.

Warning : Never leave your children unattended near a pool.