New safety accessory suitable for 1 to 6 years old children, the child swimming vest is a good alternative to the buoy and armbands. Our tips to equip your child.

Use a child swimming vest

More stable than the traditional buoy or armbands and more convenient than the floating swimsuit, the child swimming vest is ideal for 1 to 6 years old children. It has several advantages :
– it helps the child to stand upright in the water
– it allows your child’s arms to be free, encouraging him to learn swimming
– it can be placed easily from the front or the head
– it is often UV protective to prevent sunburn on your child skin

For the youngest, it replaces the seats buoys, banned from sale in 1998 because considered too dangerous.

Very practical, the child swimming vest is not a substitute to all the precautions that have to be taken during bathing :
– in private pool, be equipped with a mandatory pool safety device :  pool cover,  pool barrierpool alarm or pool shelter
– whatever the bathing place, never leave a child unattended near water and always designate a supervisor for his monitoring
– inform the child about the dangers of swimming (INPES).

Choose your child swimming vest

The child swimming vest must be carefully chosen to reduce drowning risks to a minimum.

First of all, the swimming vest must comply with European standards, meaning a CE mark and an approval of the EN-13138 standard concerning the « buoyancy aids for swimming instruction ».

Size is also very important : the child swimming vest must be adjusted to your chil, to ensure optimum safety and provide the necessary comfort to learn swimming. Do not hesitate to try the vest on your child before buying.