Teach a child to swim : Learn tips for successful learning, securing his swimming and contributing to his early development in the water.

Why teach a child to swim ?

The child drowning is on of the main causes of home accidents.
Each year, unintentional drownings represents 500 victims, including 15% of less than 6 years old children.
To secure the bathing of your child, you can start to teach him swimming from 6 years old. It will be more comfortable if you initiated him early to the pleasure of swimming.

After this apprenticeship, you must continue to follow basic safety rules :
– always designate an adult supervisor when children are near water
– equip your pool with at least one of the 4 mandatory safety devices : pool coverpool barrierpool alarmpool shelter

Learning to swim: the right methods

Aquaphobie, difficulty to coordinate movements : learning to swim is not always easy. If you want to teach a child more easily, it is advisable to respect these steps :
– familiarize the child with water to make sure he has less apprehension : invite him down the pool stairs alone, initiate him to the splash …
– put your head under the water and teach him how to breathe water through the mouth
– teach him to float, first on the back and the on the belly
– begin to teach him to swim with a board by propulsing himself with his feet.
– finalize learning synchronize his arms and legs

During these different stages, bathing accessories like child swimming vest are very useful.